Bridging the worlds

A documentary film about the Indonesian artist and human right activist Arahmaiani.

About Bridging the worlds

Arahmaiani is an icon of the contemporary art scene and a symbol of a person who engages creatively and entirely non-violently with global society, while living her convictions, aims and ideas courageously. Through her provocative performances, installations and texts she took on the military regime as well as the radical Muslims.

She was threatened, detained and held under arrest. Again and again, she had to leave her country. Friends and members of her group were beaten up, disappeared or even murdered. For almost 30 years she has moved through the world like a nomad. She builds networks and teaches at various universities. Her performances and exhibitions have been shown in 29 countries, and have been exhibited at seven biennales.

Deeply moved by the 2010 earthquake in Yushu, Arahmaiani followed an inner voice to climb to the Tibetan Plateau. Over the years she created together with the monks various environmental projects. They clear away the rubbish, more than 200,000 trees and organic vegetables have been planted and the Yak-Bank project has been created. It is a micro-credit system based on loaned animals, supporting the nomadic population.

Stefanie Platen a filmmaker from Germany accompanied Arahmaiani with the camera for already 10 years. She was with her in Indonesia and India, on Sylt, in Berlin, in Passau and at the G8 summit in Rostock. Now, in July and August she would like to accompany Arahmaiani to Tibet and once again to Indonesia to finish this documentary which, if everything goes well will be released by the end of 2015.

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